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Unpaid child support and your Connecticut licenses

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Family Law

If you have to pay child support, it is essential to stay current on your obligations to avoid serious penalties. On top of contempt charges, passport denial, losing your tax refunds and other financial consequences, you could face the suspension of your license(s). Unfortunately, losing the ability to drive can make it even harder for some parents to stay current on child support or get caught up after falling behind.

Becoming delinquent on child support can affect other types of licenses as well.

Back child support and license suspension

The Connecticut Judicial Branch states that courts can enforce a child support order by suspending the non-custodial parent’s licenses if they do not pay. For example, the court could order the suspension of a parent’s driver’s license, recreational license, occupational license or professional license.

Court-ordered license suspension takes effect following a 30-day period.

Paying child support and protecting your license

Whether you currently owe back child support or you have concerns about falling behind, you need to look into your options immediately. If you owe back support, look into ways you can get caught up. Payment arrangements and changing your financial habits can help some parents in this position.

If you lost your job or face other financial challenges, modifying your child support order could help ensure that you stay current and make payments more compatible with your financial circumstances. When it comes to paying child support, you should have a comprehensive understanding of your options in order to avoid license suspension and other penalties.