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How to prepare for an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer

Your initial consultation with a family law attorney should not be intimidating. Indeed, you may have never imagined that you would need an attorney, but your marriage (regardless of whose fault it was) is at a point where you have to think about how you want to live the rest of your life. So your initial meeting with a lawyer should be sound informational session.

How random acts of kindness can help after a divorce

If you have been through, or are currently dealing with a high conflict divorce, acts of kindness are probably the furthest things from your mind at this point. However, at some point, the hatred that you feel for your soon-to-be ex-spouse will fade, and life will go on. This means that you will have to continue to live life as well. Because of this, it may be better for you to let pain heal by investing in acts of kindness. 

How divorcees can protect themselves after divorce

Newly minted divorcees likely want to just decompress. After all, a divorce is an emotionally traumatizing event, and there is likely some a period where a person may feel depressed. They may not want to do much besides go to work and watch sad movies. Conversely, some divorcees are estatic about beginning a new chapter in their lives. They may plan a cruise, go on a cross country adventure, or quickly post a profile on Whatever your feelings may be, there are a number of things that you should not ignore that could affect you going forward. 

Uncovering stones in "gray" divorces: Finances often loom large

A recent article in the New York Times discussing divorce for older people -- the so-called “gray divorce” demographic -- makes the very salient point that a key focus in many such decouplings needs to be on finances.

Former couple finally settle substantial marital property

Trying to reach an agreement over who gets what during your divorce can be difficult at best. Some people have very definite ideas about what is theirs, or what they want from a settlement, but unfortunately this is not always in keeping with the wishes of their spouse. For Connecticut couples with substantial assets, the matter of property division can become even more complicated. The more there is to split, the more these couples are willing to pay in the fight for their fair share.

Connecticut parents charged following child’s death

For many families in Connecticut, the well-being and safety of their children comes first. Typically, this is the case whether or not the parents are engaged in a custody battle, which can frequently be the result of parents making the decision to divorce. Sometimes, parents face difficult decisions which hopefully end up in the child’s best interest. However, what happens when parents don’t necessarily have their children’s best interests at heart?

Alimony payments scrutinized by Internal Revenue Service

Many factors can contribute to the breakup of a marriage, from the unavoidable stresses of daily life to infidelity of one or both partners. Whatever the cause, the decision to divorce is never an easy one, and this is certainly the case in Connecticut as well as in other parts of the country. One of the issues a couple must factor in when going through this process is alimony.

Can divorce be amicable?

The term “conscious uncoupling” has been all over the news lately thanks to the news of the divorce of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. At first blush, the lingo might seem like new age, Hollywood elite gibberish, but the idea behind it is a worthy one. Going through a divorce in Connecticut can be contentious as both parties hash out the details of child custody, property division and spousal support. Things can get bitter quickly and many cases end up in court when neither side can agree.

Connecticut parents fight to regain custody of daughter

Frequently, custody battles are a direct result of divorce proceedings in which parents are unable to agree on the best outcome for their child or children. However, custody disagreements are not necessarily fought between disputing parents. Sometimes, hospitals or courts conclude that the best decision for a child is to be in the custody of outside entities. This is the case with a 15-year-old girl from Connecticut, who is currently in the center of a dispute between her parents and the Department of Children and Families of Massachusetts.

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