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The role of a financial neutral in collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce offers an alternative to traditional proceedings. It focuses on negotiation and agreement, avoiding court battles. A key player in this process is the financial neutral. It’s important to understand what a financial neutral does and how they might be able to help with your collaborative divorce.

What is a financial neutral?

A financial neutral is typically a certified public accountant or financial planner. They serve as an impartial advisor during collaborative divorces. Their main goal is to ensure complete financial disclosures. They also help both parties understand the long-term effects of their financial decisions. This can help individuals going through a collaborative divorce to make fair, informed decisions when it comes to dividing up their finances.

Key responsibilities

The financial neutral gathers all details about marital assets and liabilities. This ensures honesty and transparency. They analyze income streams to forecast future financial scenarios. In Connecticut, equitable distribution of marital property is the goal, so this process can help divorcing individuals create a shared understanding of what an equitable distribution would be.

Benefits of having a financial neutral

A financial neutral reduces conflict by staying neutral. This approach helps lower the emotional stress that is often linked with financial discussions in divorces. They can help streamline the divorce process, which can cut down on legal costs.

How financial neutrals contribute to collaborative divorce

A financial neutral transforms complex financial matters into clear decisions. This helps achieve a fair settlement and promotes a smoother post-divorce transition. It can be a valuable option for couples wanting an amicable separation.